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What is the Snapdeal Affiliate Hub?
The Snapdeal Affiliate Program is a referral program where you can earn referral fees by advertising products sold on Snapdeal and referring your users to us. You will earn a referral fee each time a user visits us through your Affiliate link and makes a purchase.
How does the program work?
Once you register yourself with our Affiliate Program, you can start promoting our products on your website or app. All you need to do is:
  1. Display Snapdeal products and offers on your website/app using text links, banners or any other promotional tools (such as Search bar, Static banners etc.). These will need to be hyperlinked to the respective landing page URL that you wish to promote.
  2. Get visitors to click on that particular product or offer banner which has your unique tracking link appended, and redirect them to Snapdeal.
  3. Whenever users make a purchase through your affiliate link, your account will get credited with a referral fee/commission.

    Do check out the “Know More” sections of these tools in order to know the exact steps of using them.
How do I register for the Affiliate Program?
Follow these simple steps to come onboard as our affiliate partner, and start earning:
  • Step 1 - Go to
  • Step 2 - Register as an affiliate by clicking on the ‘Affiliate Sign Up’ link.
  • Step 3 - Choose any product/page URL from our website and append your specific tracking parameters to it in the following format:
    ?utm_source=aff_prog&utm_campaign=afts&offer_id=17&aff_id=<Your_Affiliate_ID >
                    You can also use a host of tools available on the portal to create such links.
  • Step 4 - Use the link generated in Step 3 to advertise and direct traffic to Snapdeal. If a user clicks on this link, visits Snapdeal and makes a purchase within the attribution window defined, you will be credited with the referral fee/commission.
Does the program have a joining fee?
There is no subscription fee involved in joining our Affiliate Program or to start promoting our offers.
Is there an approval process to qualify for the Affiliate Program?
Your account is auto-approved as soon as you register as a Snapdeal Affiliate.
After sign up, your website is reviewed over the next few days. Based on the review and your application, one of the following scenarios may apply:
  1. Your account status remains the way it is and no change is made.
  2. If your website(s) or app does not fall within the purview of our Terms & Conditions, your account and any accrued payments until that time will be cancelled.
What are the commissions offered?
Snapdeal offers different commission based on whether the customer who buys from your affiliate link is a New Customer (First-time Customer) or an Existing Customer.
A customer is called a New Customer if he / she has not placed any order before on Snapdeal.
A customer is called an Existing Customer if he / she has placed any order before on Snapdeal.
The detailed commission structure can be viewed on commissions page.
How do I contact the Snapdeal Affiliate Team?
You can reach us directly through the Panel by clicking on Contact Us tab at the top right corner of the Panel.
Where can I see the recent updates/notifications?
You will receive all the latest announcements, updates and notifications from the Snapdeal Affiliate Team on the home page (under ‘Recent Updates’) once you login to the portal.